Get a 2nd Opinion

dreamLung cancer is a fight for your life and as such not something to trust to chance.
In addition, therapies for lung cancer are changing extremely rapidly and the first treatment after diagnosis is often the most important. A second opinion at the best university medical center or National Cancer Institute (NCI) available to you, with expert oncologists in (Thoracic) lung cancer before starting any treatment will make sure that no novel therapy or new approach, no chance for cure is overlooked.
How do I seek a second opinion?

Diagnosing cancer is very complex with significant room for human error, so we recommend getting a second opinion appointment, BEFORE YOU START TREATMENT.
It may help you to know that it’s not only recommended that patients seek, a second opinion, most doctors are comfortable with the request, and, in fact, most insurance companies require you to get one before you start treatment.

There are NCI centers in most states. NCI centers are the hubs for doctors and researchers with expertise in diagnosing and prescribing the most effective treatment options for you—all based on the most current research.