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“When I was starting my career, I wanted to work on a really significant problem. I chose lung cancer as the number one cancer killer (by far), with a historically poor response and survival rate to standard therapies, and have specialized in lung cancer since then almost 25 years ago. Now, there are dozens of molecular subtypes of lung cancer, each of which is optimally treated by a different approach, and new ones are being discovered every month.”
-Dr. David Carbone, MD, PhD“It has been rewarding to have been part of some of these discoveries and getting them to patients as fast as physically possible. The pace of discovery is rapid, but each individual patient’s battle with lung cancer advances even faster, and they cannot wait for the next exciting therapy and so need to get the best possible treatment for them right now. It has been very rewarding to partner with my patients in this battle against their cancer, take clinical findings to the lab to better understand them, and take laboratory findings and discoveries reported at worldwide cancer meetings to the patients as quickly as possible. I also personally find it rewarding to participate in the global fight against cancer, and am honored to have been elected President of the International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer (IASLC), effective September 2015.”
-Dr. David Carbone, MD, PhDLEADERSHIP
David Carbone, MD, PhD, is a cancer survivor and an internationally renowned expert in the molecular genetics of lung tumors, which includes understanding the specific cells and genetic markers in each patient’s lung cancer and developing treatments and drugs that target specific tumor cells. His research interests, grant support and publications focus on lung cancer, specifically genetics, immunotherapy, tumor-associated immunosuppression mechanisms and gene therapy.My Story
“My own personal side-trip with cancer cemented my resolve to fight this disease, and at the same time gave me some appreciation for the impact of this life-threatening disease not just on the patient, but on their family, coworkers, and friends. Everything changes when the words “cancer” are heard. Even though I had a mediastinal large cell lymphoma, and not lung cancer, it was life-threatening and my treatment consisted of many of the procedures that my patients undergo every day – I had part of my left lung removed, another surgery to biopsy the lymph nodes in the center of my chest, multiple rounds of chemotherapy, and radiation treatments to my chest. While not a recommended approach to learning about the psychological, social and physical side-effects of this diagnosis and its therapy, it is an experience that has helped me understand what my patients are going through.”
-Dr. David Carbone, MD, PhD

Join us in funding innovative research and programs that will save real lives. Your donation will directly fund ground-breaking lung cancer research, research training, early detection and lung cancer prevention led by internationally renowned lung cancer expert and cancer survivor, Dr. David Carbone at The James Thoracic Oncology Center.Please consider making a donation in an amount that is meaningful to you.


“Ohio State’s cancer program has some of the world’s brightest minds in cancer biology and targeted therapies for specific cancers and cancer prevention. David is truly a world leader, not just in his research on the cellular and molecular levels of lung cancer, but also in translational research, taking those discoveries from the bench to the bedside.”

-Dr. Michael Caligiuri, Director of the Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center, CEO of the James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute.
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