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Blue Beautiful Skies
Paul Hamilton
“I had treatment today and received awesome news. I am in complete remission, which means there are no physical signs of disease. Through God’s grace and my amazing care at The James I have been led through the storm and now have blue beautiful skies again!”
– Annie, a James lung cancer survivor

Born in Long Beach, California, Paul Hamilton graduated from the Columbus College of Art and Design in 1988. Since then he has generated an impressive body of work in a variety of mediums, and become a nationally renowned artist. His resume includes a long list of gallery and museum shows for his painting, sculpture and installation media. Hamilton now resides in central Ohio and his work is held in high esteem both nationally and in the local art community.

“Blue Beautiful Skies” is a symphony of 96 individual painted squares, combined to form a sweeping view of the James Garden of Hope at Ohio State’s Waterman Farm. Inspired by a friend’s courageous battle with lung cancer, Hamilton based this entire work on a text message he received from his friend, Annie, announcing the status of her treatment at The James. The simple text message sent on a summer day exploded into a monumental, breathtaking work filled with joy, humility, hope and gratitude. “Annie is so inspiring on so many levels. It seems fitting that she has influenced my latest work. This complete work stands as a reminder for all of us to seek beauty in all things and to share that beauty with those we love.” – Paul Hamilton

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